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Mixing process of dry powder mortar equipment

View: 38106/10/2017  

 Dry powder mortar equipment batching process is a very important process, if the ingredients are not directly lead to the production of mortar equipment is not qualified, so dry powder mortar equipment, the process is very strict and important step.

  Dry powder mortar equipment in the process of ingredients need to pay attention to some of the details of things, before starting the equipment to take into account the amount of material suspension. When the dosing device is stopped, turn off the shut-off valve immediately. If the shut-off valve is not closed immediately, it will cause the material to collapse. Collapsed materials can affect the use of equipment, and easy to waste time working. To ensure the smooth completion of the work of ingredients, we must ensure that the amount of the instrument stable in a range.

  Unique discharge device is the key to dry powder mortar equipment can work well, at the same time with good wear resistance, to ensure product quality. After the use of equipment to clean up the equipment in time, at the same time to do a good job on the equipment maintenance work to ensure the normal use of equipment next time. The maintenance work of the equipment is to ensure that qualified dry mortar is guaranteed. Only the production of mortar to maintain the various steps in order to successfully produce qualified putty mortar.

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