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The Influence of Dry Mortar Equipment on Production Environment

View: 29910/26/2016  

 With the development of the construction industry, dry mortar equipment has been used more and more, I believe that with the continuous development of dry mortar equipment will appear in your side. Dry powder mortar equipment has been used for the production of dry mortar for many years, although the dry mortar to reduce the pollution of the outdoor environment, but dry mortar equipment has increased the pollution of the production workshop, dry mortar manufacturers must This issue to be taken seriously.

  With the continuous development of production technology, dry powder mortar production and processing equipment also continue to change, dry mortar equipment has gradually from the simple dry mortar production line into a large-scale dry powder mortar automatic production line, by the traditional manual feeding weighing packaging developed into Mechanical feeding and automatic weighing control system, the entire production process has become simplistic and automated. Even so, but the workshop is still dust pollution enterprises face a major problem. Especially for some large dry mortar manufacturers, workshop pollution problems must be resolved, which is responsible for the health of workers, but also the needs of enterprise development.

  Generally small and medium enterprises to use more dry powder mortar simple production line, this equipment generally by the hoist, to be mixed warehouse, the main mixer, finished products warehouse and packaging machine composition, raw materials in raw pit inside, using artificial feeding method, dust on the workshop Environmental pollution is considerable. And many large and medium-sized manufacturers have adopted the raw material cans sealed up raw materials, the material and the environment separated from the effect of dust control, but the general point of the raw material tank to tens of thousands of manufacturers due to financial considerations will not use . However, the use of raw materials storage tank is indeed one of the ways to control dust, while the best use of raw materials storage tank with the use of precipitators, dry mortar industry is currently the most used pulse bag filter, has a good dust removal effect.

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