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Green energy is a common theme of building materials and machinery industry

View: 49310/27/2016  

As a new green energy-saving building materials, dry mortar has the advantages of improving the construction efficiency, improving the construction site environment, saving resources, etc., in line with national sustainable development strategy. Although China's dry powder mortar industry has just started, the market is in the introduction phase and rapid growth period of the transitional stage, but has attracted the attention of relevant government departments, was listed as key development and encouragement of the project, the relevant departments have introduced policies to support and promote .

  With the development of economy, the development of building materials and mechanical equipment industry has attracted much attention from the industry. The industry also continues to improve the access system of building materials and other related regulations through various ways and channels. With green energy conservation as the theme, Building materials machinery and equipment industry in a healthy and orderly development.

  Dry mortar is a newly emerging green building materials, the current European and American construction market, the utilization rate of dry mortar has more than 80%, while the domestic scene mixing mortar for a long time, although the rapid development of dry-mixed mortar, but mainly concentrated in Urban construction projects in developed cities, the overall utilization rate is still very low. According to expert analysis, the impact of China's dry-mixed mortar penetration rate factors, in addition to social awareness and price, the production enterprises behind the equipment is also an important reason.

  Backward equipment will dry mortar production and business efficiency have a negative impact, hinder the comprehensive development of dry mortar industry. With the development of the market and demand, more and more equipment manufacturers and mortar manufacturers have realized that the upgrading of mortar equipment, equipment innovation and transformation will become another way out of the development of enterprises, but also conducive to the mortar industry development of.

  Dry powder mortar production line is divided into three types, the first is a simple form of composition, no gravity mixer and storage, packaging and other simple composition, the advantage is less investment, assembled can be put into use, the only drawback is serious labor consumption , Yield less. For the old mortar production plant is not suitable for the. The second is a version of the automatic type, there is no gravity mixer and finished raw materials warehouse, packaging machinery and waiting for mixed warehouse and dust removal system and other combinations, the output is relatively high, little impact on the work environment, more suitable for mortar production Business needs.

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