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Installation and purchase considerations of insulation mortar

View: 41611/01/2016  

The current dry powder mixing machine industry has developed rapidly, has become an indispensable part of the development of building materials industry, coupled with the rapid development of building materials industry in recent years, the demand for dry powder mixer and other equipment increased, making the market in the dry powder mixer industry also developed Faster, the market in the purchase of complete sets of dry powder mixer equipment is also more and more people, dry mortar equipment as a mechanical equipment, composed of many parts and control systems. Lubrication system is the main system of dry mortar equipment, lubrication operation of dry mortar equipment has an important role in the safe operation. The following needs we understand the insulation mortar equipment before the installation of the Note:

    1, the installation process should be prepared before the required materials and may be used in all the tools.

    2, the installation of insulation mortar equipment should be installed on the site of scrap, dirt and water and all clean.

    3, the hanging insulation mortar equipment whether the lifting ears, hoisting need to use a cloth belt or wire rope, and the weight of the equipment to the chest.

    4, check the lifting environment, lifting height above the target height of 2 meters, the crane placed in the position, whether there is an obstacle crane rotation, the subject matter of the weight and the telescopic boom height and timely communication with the crane driver.

    5, lifting equipment must be determined before the hand command, major equipment hoisting, should be experienced, high level of technical personnel lifting command.

  Select insulation mortar equipment should pay attention to the structure:

   1, the precise measurement of batching system

   2, finished products warehouse and secondary mixing system

   3, environmental protection, precision packaging systems and bulk technology

   4, intelligent computer batching system

   5, thermal insulation mortar complete sets of equipment

   6, high-performance mixing system

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